Mekong Delta, Thailand. Cecil spent the summer in the Mekong Delta in Thailand working on a documentary with Shawn Weber and Bradley Corman. They captured rare footage surrounding the endangerment of the Mekong Giant Catfish -the worldlest freshwater fish .Cecil is traveling by helicopter in Cambodia, with Zeb Hogan a conservationist and scientific researcher from the University of California at Davis.

This is the world's largest freshwater fish according to the Guinness Book of Records—is now very rare in northeast Thailand, southern Lao PDR, and Vietnam," said IUCN in a news release issued today. "Only 11 and eight fish were caught in 2001 and 2002 respectively. In 2003, fishers captured six giant catfish in Cambodia, all of which were released as part of the Mekong Fish Conservation Project." While Cecil was in Thailand local Thai fisherman from the city of Chaing Kong, and global conservationists captured 7 fish for an artificial insemination program.

The 400 hours of footage is currently being edited, no word on release dates.


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Mekong Catfish

Cecil in Thailand